The Importance of Mistakes

From the moment our sweet bundles of poo are placed into our eager arms, we love them unconditionally and as they grow, we support them as they learn to sit, crawl, and walk; we guide them as they makes friends; we teach them how to write their names; and provide comfort after every bump and bruise. A mothers instincts are  full of ways to nurture, support, teach, and provide for our children. However; although it may feel uncomfortable, we also need to let them make mistakes too. In fact, letting our tiny humans learn from their mistakes helps build resilience and is essential to raising a confident, capable, happy, and not so weird adult .  Continue reading

Pop Rock & Drop it Margarita Friday

Seriously, why do kids get to have all the fun? It seems like skipping to the candy store, purchasing Pop Rocks with your hard-earned quarters, nickles, and dimes, is socially unacceptable. That’s why I pretend they’re for the kids, and NOT my margarita. No one will know.

So skip on over to your favorite candy store, pick yourself up some Pop Rocks to make this creative concoction on your own – after naptime of course.

Pop Rockin Margarita Recipe

1.5 oz Tierras Organic Tequila

.75 oz Sweet & Sour Mix

2 oz Cranberry Juice

1 oz diluted Lime Juice

1 oz Grand Marnier

1 pkg Pop Rocks

Add all ingredients together and shake. Rim a 16 oz glass with Pop Rocks. Pour contents into glass over ice.

Diluted Lime Juice: 3/4 lime juice, 1/4 water

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…

as if pregnancy isn’t awkward enough…

The kind folks over at awkward maternity photos have compiled a list of THE most bizarre maternity pictures the internets can offer. I can admit that while preggo it’s almost like your hormones are paid to bring on the crazies but for some of these photos… #fixitJesus

Exhibit A, B, & C –  My Little Pony Abuse,  4loko Madness, and Circle of Life Realness

(photos via <- want more, click the link)


This snow though

I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with these snow storms! It’s a bitch to travel in, fucks up my shoes, and nothing ruins my mood faster than stepping in slosh. But I will always have a soft spot for it, cause even with all the BS…nothing is better than getting stuck at home. SNOW DAY!!

Keep It Funky Fresh!

FlowersNot to brag (though I am, proudly), my boo thang sent flowers to my job today. And not only am I lucky lady, but I am 100% “in love” with my husband. I still get butterflies when I think about him and its not a fluke, its because we work hard to keep things funky fresh in our marriage. #dateyourhusband Continue reading

Dilemma of the day: Beware the Babysitter

We need a sitter. Badly.

For those times my husband and I are long overdue for a margarita infused child free moment, one of our mothers or aunts are happy to step in for a few hours. But they live far and it’s inconvenient most times. We do get the occasional offer from friends to sit for us, but the guilt of leaving my high energy toddler in an un-baby proofed house is too much to bear. So, we’ve finally reached the point where we are entertaining non-family sitters for our little guy because if you are going to be tortured by my child, the least I can do is pay you for it.

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A margarita’s mom serenity…

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change… courage to change the things I can…and lots of tequila if the first two options don’t work. –Jenni Lewis Ford20140104-105929.jpg