3, 2, 1…This is the end

LAWD, this is it yall. THE END is upon us. Just you watch, today the wine dries up, tomorrow we will all be searching for a prison to provide shelter from the zombie apocolypse. Who wants to live in a world without vino? How would I make it through work functions? OMG or even Thankwsgiving with in-laws?  Read and see the horror below, I need to go find a fainting couch.


A new report by Morgan Stanley Research says the world might soon suffer a global shortage of wine. Global wine production has been steadily declining while consumption sharply rises.

Huffington Post – http://huff.to/19b3Ds4
MercoPress 2010 Article – http://bit.ly/1h0Hfr5

It isn’t only France that’s suffering from a growing dearth of wine—it’s the entire world, says a report released on Monday (Oct. 28) by Morgan Stanley

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