Dilemma of the day: Beware the Babysitter

We need a sitter. Badly.

For those times my husband and I are long overdue for a margarita infused child free moment, one of our mothers or aunts are happy to step in for a few hours. But they live far and it’s inconvenient most times. We do get the occasional offer from friends to sit for us, but the guilt of leaving my high energy toddler in an un-baby proofed house is too much to bear. So, we’ve finally reached the point where we are entertaining non-family sitters for our little guy because if you are going to be tortured by my child, the least I can do is pay you for it.

So I mosey on over to the highly recommended website, www.care.com and start scrolling through profiles and I immediately notice a trend — some of these girls are HOT! Glossy lips, voluptuous and suggestive posing in the photos (one young lady took a picture of herself laying on a bed!!!), I sorta felt like I was looking at a mail order bride catalog. Is it terrible to say that, some weeks days I don’t shave my legs and I really don’t want to be around a young perky 22 year college student? #saynotohotnanniesthe_hand_that_rocks_the_cradle

I am not trying to assume the worst here. I know a good sitter is worth their weight in gold and absolutely I trust my husband. Maybe we will find a sitter that is Megan Fox hot and she could be the perfect fit for our family – HOWEVER, growing up my nana was an old school trick who loved the holy trifecta of classy shit like – “Sally Jesse Rafael”, “Days of Our Lives”, and the infamous “Jenny Jones”; and if I learned one thing it’s that: ISH ALWAYS GOES DOWN WITH THE HOT BABYSITTER.

Have we not learned anything from the Hand that Rocks the Cradle? Should we just ignore the millions of adult movies with this exact premise?

I cannot fault anyone for being attractive – Ahem, I’d like to think that I have that same problem at times. But I will judge your match.com profile pic! Girl, why are you putting up a bathroom selfie, this is supposed to be a “professional” representation of you and your child rearing services? Try a little less sex appeal and a little more, “I will watch your kids and not try any crazy shit”…until then, please take a seat. (*note to self: still need to take down the bathroom selfie on the LinkedIn page).

I have all my fingers and toes crossed that we will find the right (homely) sitter soon. Until then, what do you think? Yay or Nay on the hot sitter?

One thought on “Dilemma of the day: Beware the Babysitter

  1. I think sometimes you really can judge a book by it’s cover. In the case of these girls who post sexy selfies on their profiles for babysitting gigs, its obvious they don’t have good judgement. If you don’t have enough sense to post a simple headshot or some other family-friendly pic for this type of job, I wouldn’t want you responsible for my kid.

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