The Importance of Mistakes

From the moment our sweet bundles of poo are placed into our eager arms, we love them unconditionally and as they grow, we support them as they learn to sit, crawl, and walk; we guide them as they makes friends; we teach them how to write their names; and provide comfort after every bump and bruise. A mothers instincts are  full of ways to nurture, support, teach, and provide for our children. However; although it may feel uncomfortable, we also need to let them make mistakes too. In fact, letting our tiny humans learn from their mistakes helps build resilience and is essential to raising a confident, capable, happy, and not so weird adult .  Continue reading

This snow though

I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with these snow storms! It’s a bitch to travel in, fucks up my shoes, and nothing ruins my mood faster than stepping in slosh. But I will always have a soft spot for it, cause even with all the BS…nothing is better than getting stuck at home. SNOW DAY!!

Bravo TV’s Newlywed’s The First Year – Kat Lagoudes


Bravo recently confirmed a second season of thier hit docu-series “Newlyweds The First Year”, which chronicled all the trials and tribulations that arise as a newlywed. Season two will follow four brand new couples through the highs and lows of the first year of marriage.

I wanted to check in with Kat Lagoudes, newlywed , new mom, and the fan favorite from season 1 to see how her life has been now that she is not so newlywed.

Jenni:  So how’s life post Newlyweds? Anything new going on? Give us the scoop. about

Kathryn: Taping and living our first year as Newlyweds was definitely an experience we will never forget. Now that we are done taping and the show has aired we begin Newlyweds: the 2nd year- although the cameras are no longer around our lives has not slowed down one bit. We entered our first year of marriage as a couple and now we are a family of three. Life with a baby has definitely changed us! We are closer than ever with a FEW MORE bumps in the road, our first year was all about learning to live together and respect each ones differences, the second year has been all about learning to parent together, sharing responsibilities of caring for a newborn and helping each other out so that neither one of us gets burned out as well as making time to be a couple.

Jenni: Being pregnant and a newlywed is a double whammy – especially since the current statistics say that The divorce rate for the United States is approximately forty percent, nearly half of the total marriage rate.  How was it living out some of these tender moments on TV?

Kathryn: One of the major reasons I participated in the show Newlyweds: the first year, is that it I am a hopeless romantic who believes in the sanctity of marriage and its lifetime commitment Continue reading

3, 2, 1…This is the end

LAWD, this is it yall. THE END is upon us. Just you watch, today the wine dries up, tomorrow we will all be searching for a prison to provide shelter from the zombie apocolypse. Who wants to live in a world without vino? How would I make it through work functions? OMG or even Thankwsgiving with in-laws?  Read and see the horror below, I need to go find a fainting couch.


A new report by Morgan Stanley Research says the world might soon suffer a global shortage of wine. Global wine production has been steadily declining while consumption sharply rises.

Huffington Post –
MercoPress 2010 Article –

It isn’t only France that’s suffering from a growing dearth of wine—it’s the entire world, says a report released on Monday (Oct. 28) by Morgan Stanley

AWWWW of the day! Baby Cries At Mom Singing

This video is totally adorbs. Lately I’ve been cracking out at everything baby related (*fingers and legs crossed that I don’t get knocked up again), but this is so worth the few tears that will creep down your face and wash away the work douchery from your soul.

It’s so beautiful to watch that sweet baby get so emotional hearing their mom sing- no shade that baby is giving the Oscar performance of their tiny lives. All shade – there is more emotional range in this two minute youtube clip, then an entire season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Now you watch this, while I attempt to train my baby to not laugh when I sing ( ._.)

‘Newlyweds: The First Year’ Finale: 5 Marriage Lessons From the Season

by Melissa Chapman 22 hours ago

Last night the season finale of Newlyweds: The First Year culminated with a Watch What Happens Live reunion. I was thrilled all the couples survived their first year of marriage and still seem committed to their unions. As I watched these newlyweds navigate their first year of not-so-wedded-bliss, the floodgates on my own newlywed year burst open. Like them, I was in for a VERY rude awakening 14 years ago.


Under the impression that marriage was going to be rife with unicorns, rainbows, and birds chirping, I envisioned marriage as sweet as my buttercream wedding cake frosting and as sexy as our Hawaiian honeymoon. I could not have been more off the mark. Continue reading

How to Be a Good Friend When You’re a Busy Working Parent

As busy parents, some weeks it seems like finding time for everything in the friend-and-working-parentschedule can be a challenge – fitting in exercise, grocery shopping, laundry, or just having some “down time” can feel like a struggle at times. We all want the best for our children and that means spending quality time together. But we also know that when we are
well-rounded individuals, we are models for our children to live a good, full

One important component of this is making and maintaining friendships. Friends fill out our lives and give us a place to share secrets and joys and to offer and receive support. Friendships are where we can play and eat together and enjoy time with people we care about. The best friendships stay with us throughout our lives and Continue reading

Work that treadmill honey!!

I can admit I’m gulity of a little of treadmill dancing now and again. In fact, on most days  I work that treadmil like a runway. However I have nothing on this guy!


Seeing Me on TV



Its such a surreal experience to see yourself on national TV… even though I severely wish for a “Crtl+Atl+Delete” at times, I did love every second. And the best part…I look nothing like that anymore. Even more, if I think about the mindset I had while filming, the relationship I had with food and physical activity, it does lend credibilty to the thought “Mind over Matter”.

Can’t wait to share the new “me” with you lovely folks.

Love n Lollipops,


Ricki Lake’s Bridal Bootcamp — week 5 (Reflect)



I just want to reflect on how life changing these last few weeks has been.

Not only am I embracing a healthier lifestyle, I have never felt better! I’m more focused, more confident, and ready to embrace my dreams. I’m still reeling that I had a chance to meet one of my personal heroes, Ricki Lake!! I’ve loved her since Cry Baby, and I will love her forever for being fearless and a role model to all the girls living on the curvier side of life. Before taping the show, I ran into Ricki outside of the green room, and I had to physically restrain myself from picking her up and doing a spin hug. Since that would’ve been really awkward and illegal, Continue reading