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Let’s Begin Shall We?

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embedded content and sharing

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no data collection, storage or user-tracking by Author

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Author will take all reasonable measures to seek accurate and verifiable information before writing it up as “fact,” and Author will strive (as much as humanly possible within the rapid-production context of a blog) to provide source links or information for factual content herein. Author will make it clear when statements made on this site are Author’s own opinions, conclusions or suppositions, or are based upon Author’s original research.

Excerpted and embedded properties

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Commenting policy

The following options have been set regarding “Discussion” on this blog:

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Alternate points of view and candid discourse is strongly encouraged on this site.

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Freedom of speech will be respected, however statements perceived by author to encourage harm to others or to be libelous will not be approved for publication. Furthermore, commenters are encouraged to state a response once, as clearly as possible, and are discouraged from posting repeatedly without adding new ideas or information to the discussion.

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Author will promptly investigate and may seek legal advice regarding your claim. Claims found to have merit will result in removal of the relevant content, and a correction and/or apology to any person or entity whose rights were violated will be posted publicly.

changes to policy

At such time as this policy may be amended, a prominent announcement will be posted to the home page and/or sidebar of this site, and said an announcement will remain visible to site visitors for a period of one month after such amendment is published.