M2: Mobile Story

Hello Everyone,

I had grand plans to make my first infomercial. It’s a lot harder than it seems. For this project, I used VideoLeap a new video editing software (imagine if iMovie & snapchat had a baby).  it wasn’t hard to learn and it has a lot of tools on the freemium version. I recommend that you check it out.  I filmed and treated in Videoleap and then did my voice over and final edits in iMovie. 

I watched a lot of infomercials for inspiration and used treatments to get the look and feel. The only piece I wanted to add but didn’t like the cut off was a “user testimonial”.

fine print: no littles were harmed in the making of this commercial


Home on a snow day. Schools are closed, and a parent is trapped in the house with the LIttles for a “little” too long.


Voice Over:  Oh no Parents – The Schools are closed for “another” snow day and you are trapped in the house two rambunctious little ones with nothing to do.  The makers of “I need a break” and “go ask your father” bring you “Bathroom Barrier” for the low low price of 59.99. The kit includes Tape, snacks, booze, and boxes for your booze.  Here’s how to get started: Step 1: tape your snacks to the door. Step 2 – close the door but make sure it’s locked we don’t want any little fingers slipping in. Step 3: get your booze and then get your #momgoals on.  Just say no to crying babies and nosey kids – and say yes to bathroom barrier today!”