Adventures in Digital Storytelling

I yam, who I yam

Hello to all visitors, classmates, professors, internet bots, and Russian spies.  I set this blog up a few years ago under the ambition (like many newly minted mothers of the older millennial spectrum) that I would start a marvelous career as a mommy blogger – warning, I mean offering words of wisdom to all those trapesing down the “Baby Makes Three” lane for the first time.  My plan was to fit in time to blog on the weekends right after baby yoga lessons, baby swim classes, the weekly trip to Costco and the laundry mat, right before bathtime, storytime and time with the hubby.  HA! Five years and another baby later — I know better now, and am grateful for the rise of video blogs and to have a pre-dedicated blog to use for this course.

I am looking forward to working with you all in the coming weeks, stretching my creative to learn new skills and getting to grow on this journey with you, but first…


Location: A messy kitchen, minutes to midnight.

Scene:  A frantic working mother is desperately trying to complete a video assignment, while preparing for an 8AM client call the next day, and at the same time no one notices, she has baby vomit on her shirt.


“Hey Everyone,  My name is Jenni, and welcome to my Selfie! — Actually, this is realer than a selfie – a selfie would be more like Bam, Pow, kaposh.   However, this is much more real than that. This is what it looks like when you are working parent, operating on 4 hours of sleep, with a sick kid — but you have #goals.

So little bit about me — over the last ten years my life has become increasingly digital, personally and professionally. By day, I am the head of digital marketing in the finance market.  By night, I am podcaster and occasional TV host looking to further venture into YouTube land.

I am excited to take this course to hone my craft, but I am also extremely excited to be re-enrolled at Empire to pursue a long-awaited goal and to prove to myself and my little ones, it never too late to learn something new.”

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